Visiting Harley Farms

It is nice to visit the country side every now and then. Especially nice when it’s a cute little farm that offers tours and free cheese tastings.  Harley Farms is a family-owned farm that raise goats and produce goat cheese.


They started out with 6 goats (5 female and 1 happy male) and within a very short time, the farm has over 60, all from the original 6.  Goats are a funny bunch. They are curious and love to follow people around.  Just remember, don’t stand behind one for too long or the goats will welcome you with their processed meal from their behinds. They GO a lot!


Harley Farms also have a cute little shop where they sell their cheese and many condiments. Had a chance to see and taste their hand make most of their cheeses on the tour and it’s quite delicious and not overwhelmingly tangy or tart.